What Is a Healthy Weight?

Find out if you are at a healthy weight

Being a healthy weight can decrease your chances of heart disease

One of the most common methods of determining what a healthy weight is, is by using your body mass index. BMI is basically calculated by dividing your weight by your height. A number between 18 and 25 is considered healthy while anything much more or less can be considered obese or underweight. However, BMI is sometimes disputed as an accurate method by health experts, because it does not take into consideration such things as muscle weight. If you are fine with using body mass index to get a quick picture of how much you should weigh, you can use this website. To determine straight away if you are currently at a healthy weight or not is to use the How Much Should I Weigh? wizard.

Based on only your gender and height, it is easy to find a range of healthy weights for a person which is what this site does. There are important things to keep in mind when trying to find out what a healthy weight is. Your perception of what a healthy person should weigh can be altered by being around overweight people, for example. Those who hang around with people who are a bit on the heavy side will tend to believe that they can get away with being overweight themselves and still be healthy. Similarly, a supermodel who is typically surrounded by other skinny super models will have the sense that only very light weight people are at a healthy weight.

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